One Veteran's Voice

25 September 2006

We're in deep and on the cheap!

A quick volley on the Army's latest "not so fast" moment.

24 September 2006


Finally, our own government (at least a facet of it) admits what I and other pragmatists like me have been screaming for the last two years or so-- that the Iraq War is the new and best recruiting tool for Islamic radicals, and is hindering our efforts to fight terrorism.

I haven't been blogging much. School is monopolizing my time, and I have been working as a bouncer/vomit cleaner as well, a job that occasionally gives me the opportunity to vent rage in a non-sociopathic outlet. Sports also work.

Rage is something I have been experiencing a lot of lately, but also a lot of hope. The duality of man, or whatever. Peace signs on helmets, and dead gooks covered in lime. If I were still in the Cav, I would be getting ready to deploy again, like a lot of my buddies are now. I wish I could send a lot of the smug, smartassed frat boys whose puke I clean up every Friday to Iraq in their places. Actually, I wouldn't wish Iraq on my worst enemy. Our worst enemies, however, are apparently quite fond of it.

10 September 2006

It's almost 9/11 again... you know where Osama bin Laden is?


That's OK, neither do I. Nor do Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld (unless - getting a bit Machiavellian here - they are holding him for an October Surprise).

But the reality is that we're so deep in Iraq, so overcommitted, so painted into a corner, that we don't have the resources to commit to Afghanistan or Pakistan to find this SOB and take him off the radar screen.

As I mentioned some time ago here, the U.S. is truly in a bad spot. If the proverbial balloon goes up somewhere else (ie North Korea, Iran, Taiwan Straits - or even Bermuda!), this nation does not have the military wherewithal to counter those threats in a conventional sense.

Sure, we have the Navy and Air Force, but winning a war is done on the ground. In this day and age, air and naval wars just aren't gonna cut it. Meanwhile, the Army and USMC are doing all they can - scraping the bottom of the barrel, sometimes - to get enough equipment and manpower to field a combat unit.

Yet, the administration marches on, with their only defense against stupid policy being the old "If you ain't with us, you're against us!" line.

To revert briefly to my teenage years: "Whatever, dude!"

I'll be back soon with more comments on this - just had to check in after a few days away.