One Veteran's Voice

03 August 2006

The Emperor's Clothes

Greetings all:

This is my first post on here - it's late, and I've not a lot of time tonight, but I invite you over to IrritatedVet (see link at right) to get an idea of how bad it's gotten of late, as I see it.

Our high-speed generals, feeling the heat on the Hill today, are only a toe-tap away from admitting that, yes, dear friends and neighbors, the War in Iraq has devolved into a civil war. Yes, the Emperor's Clothes are gone.

The AP story on this tonight is headlined "Generals raise fears of Iraq civil war;" as one who's seen it up close and personal, I submit that they need not fear so much. Why?

Because it IS INDEED a civil war already. It's still building, and I belive the Shia are going to be the first to take up major-league arms and take the fight to the open streets, soon. Not market bombings, not kidnapping/murders, but all-out urban warfare on Sunnis and others they don't dig on, which pretty much includes all non-Shia Arabs.

The Shia have had plenty of under-the-table help from Iran - some of the rockets that fell on my base had Farsi writing on them. In the Military Intelligence world, we call something like that an "indicator."

I will be back sometime soon (I'm on vacation this week). Feel free to drop me an email with solutions to this mess. I'm struggling to come up with them, and I am at a huge loss. We're in deep, and if the balloon goes up somewhere else, the U.S. is truly in a bad way. Any ideas?