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17 December 2006

the alignment of the cynical with the real is a sign that things are going to get worse before they get worser

In what many analysts considered to be a sweeping rejection of the policy of a continued, open-ended occupation of Iraq by American forces, America cast its vote and empowered Democrats. I rejoiced. That was a month ago. Now we're talking like we're about to put more troops in. I must be losing touch with reality.

So, now you wanna win the war? Now you wanna send in the troops that should've been there from the beginning? Now you wanna call me back up and ask me to sacrifice for a long-shot hail-mary pass at democracy? (They haven't called me back up but I know people who have been. And I might be. Someone's gonna be.) The Chief of Staff of the Army says we're in danger of breaking the Army, but the folk who call for a national draft are labeled as kooks by the fugging press, which I hate even more than I hate the fugging politicians, who I hate less than the fugging goat-herders who we're all so terrified by. So now you wanna win the war? Now you wanna put more troops in Iraq? Now you want me to die for an Iraqi? Fug no.

"Doesn't matter," says Dick to his Saudi paymasters. "We're not going anywhere."

"I'm on a listening tour," says the old-man-boy-King George, "I listen to anyone whose opinion is similar to mine, not the ones that will lead to defeat."

"Talk to our enemies?" asks Condi, "Why? They're evil. The Axis of Evil. We don't talk to evil people. Buy oil, yes, talk, no."

The worst SecDef in recent history gets ceremoniously lauded by King George, just like all the other incompetent, out of touch old men who've been forced by popular outcry to resign.

Harry Reid says getting deeper into the quagmire is ok but only for a few months, sells out troops who will be killed during those few months accomplishing nothing except to guarantee more death. Reid added, "Fugg off," to the public who stupidly voted his party into power, thinking that would change anything.

Fug it. I'm done. Politically cynicized beyond repair. Fug 'em all. Fugging Democowards and Replutocrats. Snake oil salesmen, every last fuggin' one of 'em. Including Barack, especially Hillary. They all want the same thing: power over me and you.

You deserve yourself, America, and you're gonna have to pay the piper one day. I won't be, though, no fuggin' way. Gonna have to drag me in shackles back to the 'Raq, if you want me to take a fuggin bullet cause fuggin Sunnis and Shia can't get along and King George was too much of a fuggin idiot to know about it. You must be outta your fugging mind. Fug that. Fug you.


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