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03 August 2006

The Emperor's Clothes

Greetings all:

This is my first post on here - it's late, and I've not a lot of time tonight, but I invite you over to IrritatedVet (see link at right) to get an idea of how bad it's gotten of late, as I see it.

Our high-speed generals, feeling the heat on the Hill today, are only a toe-tap away from admitting that, yes, dear friends and neighbors, the War in Iraq has devolved into a civil war. Yes, the Emperor's Clothes are gone.

The AP story on this tonight is headlined "Generals raise fears of Iraq civil war;" as one who's seen it up close and personal, I submit that they need not fear so much. Why?

Because it IS INDEED a civil war already. It's still building, and I belive the Shia are going to be the first to take up major-league arms and take the fight to the open streets, soon. Not market bombings, not kidnapping/murders, but all-out urban warfare on Sunnis and others they don't dig on, which pretty much includes all non-Shia Arabs.

The Shia have had plenty of under-the-table help from Iran - some of the rockets that fell on my base had Farsi writing on them. In the Military Intelligence world, we call something like that an "indicator."

I will be back sometime soon (I'm on vacation this week). Feel free to drop me an email with solutions to this mess. I'm struggling to come up with them, and I am at a huge loss. We're in deep, and if the balloon goes up somewhere else, the U.S. is truly in a bad way. Any ideas?


BadTux said...

The only solution I have to the mess is one that's not too optimistic: Put a wall around the place, throw raw meat over the wall from time to time, let them fight it out until they're tired of fighting, then make friends with whoever wins.

Unfortunately, that's a long-term problem. It took Lebanon 14 years of civil war before the various sects there were tired of fighting each other and made peace. Of course, the Palestinians and Israelis and Syrians mucking around in Lebanon didn't help, much as the Iranians and Saudis mucking around in Iraq don't help...

Ronald Reagan was, by and large, a mediocre President, whose sole accomplishment on most days was avoiding nodding off during a cabinet meeting (but sometimes he didn't manage that much). But from time to time he did wake up and do something right, and one of those things was to get our troops the hell out of the Lebanese civil war and let the Lebanese do what the Lebanese had to do to get all that shit out of their system without our troops being targets in the middle of all that shit. The irony is that after the vast majority of the Lebanese got tired of war and spent 15 years in peaceful (if sometimes uneasy) coexistence, a tiny minority in the south did one stupid thing, and Israel brought war to them all over again...

Let'em fight it out. It's the only thing we can do. There will be a lot of dead bodies, but at least they won't be American bodies, and they won't be $100 billion a year worth of American gold down the drain trying to suppress a civil war that isn't going to end until they all fight it out and get it out of their systems. Mucking around in other peoples' civil wars never works out well. It didn't work out well when we supported the White Russians against the Reds in Russia in 1918, it didn't work out well when we supported the Catholics in South Vietnam against just about everybody else in Vietnam, and it isn't going to work out any better in Iraq.

-Badtux the Unoptimistic Penguin

8/04/2006 01:13:00 AM  
mister said...

the only solution to any of this mess in the world right give every american a him or her a ticket outta the U.S.....and force them to view the world outside of american media.... then perhaps there would be less interference...and more long term peace...

8/07/2006 04:49:00 AM  
thepoetryman said...

I've been repeating the Iraq Civil War for over a year now and it falls on many a deaf ear. The definition is clear and they that say it is not a civil war I would invite to speak with you, but I won't. I would like to! You do not need them hear or at your site which I am about to vistit.

Those that deny a civil war in Iraq are the same ones that think that Iraq was responsible for 9/11. Pathetic as they are they are citizens of this country and must be dealt with appropriately.

I hope you are safe and I appreciate your service.


8/16/2006 06:54:00 PM  
Rosemary said...

I have a plausible suggestion. You know the black stone that they keep in the middle of mecca? All you have to do is pretend to be a muslim, slip in, steal it, and then? If all ME countries don't get their terrorists out of Iraq within 24 hours, it gets smashed.

If that doesn't work? While you're stealing the stone, plant enough c4 to bring the place down. This is war, damn it. I'm tired of playing babysitter.

9/04/2006 12:01:00 AM  
Angry Veteran said...

There is no solution for Iraq; this is like "War Games" and we're Joshua saying "The only way to win is not to play." But were already playing, so all we can do now is hope for the least harm.

However, my analysis is that Iraq is only the begining, what we have really set in motion is a regional war over Kurdistan.

I've got the whole thing mapped out over on my blog...

9/07/2006 05:02:00 PM  
momskids said...

We need to get out. Apologize to the non-terrorist Iraqis. Give 'em some money. Say "Good night and good luck". Of course that will never happen. Welcome to the wonderful world of the military-industrial complex. Too bad Republicans won't even heed a fellow Republican.

9/08/2006 11:29:00 AM  

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