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19 July 2006

Pandering to the Basest

Destroying a single-celled potential human in order to benefit actual diseased humans=MURDER.

Bombing a target where actual human children are known to be present in order to kill an actual human adult=COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

President Bush, your first veto marks you as one of the biggest hypocrites to ever walk the face of the earth. There is no morality at work here other than survival of the politically fit--and you have chosen the wrong side. The more you rally the base, the harder the eventual backlash will be. The silent majority is rational, and this most recent great awakening is hating, burning, and bombing itself out.

To all the so-called Christians out there who support holy war but not stem cell research-- I wish I could give you Alzheimer's and drop a 2000lb bomb on your child.

Yeah, I'm feeling real dark today. Bring it on.

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Elmo said...

halleluiah my friend I feel you!!! I'll prove it with my Band of the Week on Friday; until them enjoy this...

HNT: ChickenHawk X-Ray

7/20/2006 12:25:04 AM  
IrritatedVet said...


7/20/2006 05:13:27 AM  
nunya said...

Woooo Hooooo

7/20/2006 11:35:30 AM  
ThePoetryMan said...

Damn it! And I was about to go to bed! Now my muse is stroking me with visions of bombs and children and disease!

You've inspired a bit of a rant on Poetic... Thank you.


7/21/2006 12:27:32 AM  
One Salient Oversight said...

It's hard to argue with you on this one.

It's often hard to be an evangelical when so many evangelicals are just not consistent.

7/21/2006 08:53:17 AM  
ThePoetryMan said...

Here it is my friend...

Don't blame me, you inspired it!

7/22/2006 01:22:06 AM  
Middle Child said...

Yes exactly. I don't agree with Stem cell research because I don't trust the buggers not to do something creepy...its in their fucked up natures to jigger about with nature... and umbilical cord cells have been proven to have better cells for diseases they want to treat...but they are free and you can't clone anything much it seems with them...Hm

but isn't it strange that all these so called religious people of all kinds who hold the great thumpin bible to their horrible hearts and know those ten commandments backwards...forget the one "Thou shalt not kill.:

Not thou shalt not kill but only if a certain set of circumstances is there...
Thou shalt not kill full stop. No and ifs buts or what No death penalties for poor people while the rich murder us with impunity with their chemical cocktails of so called pharmaceuticals, "food" shampooes etc etc...

The Jews, The Muslims, the Christians, Bhuddists etc...most major world religions have a prohibition on killing...

I am getting angry again and I swore I would not do that today...but have to thank you for making me think.

I would rather know than not know. Ignorance is the real death.

9/08/2006 08:34:09 PM  

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