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05 April 2006

Sail Away!

Last night I had a minor heart attack when I came across this post on Steve Gilliard's News Blog which he got from Daily Kos. I'll just copy and paste the actualy Army News Service story which was quietly put up on AKO. I'd link AKO, but if you don't know what it is, you don't have a login or password.

Army to transform IRR
April 4, 2006

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 4, 2006) – Individual Warriors will be the new label for Soldiers serving in the Individual Ready Reserve.

Simultaneously, the new name will lead to a cultural shift away from the unstructured group of inactive individuals into a cohesive group of Soldiers who are trained, aware and ready to augment Army missions when called upon.

Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey endorsed the move to reset and reinvigorate the IRR through several programmed initiatives to transform the Army’s leading prior-service talent bank.

“Senior Army leadership is committed to providing the necessary funding required to shape the IW initiative,” Harvey said. He added that Soldiers in the IRR will be a “viable pool” of individual warriors “trained and employable to meet the needs of the Army.”

Presently there are more than 100,000 Soldiers (enlisted and officer) in the IRR that represent more than 200 Military Occupational Skills ranging from combat arms and support to combat-service support specialties, but that could potentially be reduced to 60,000 ready and available Soldiers.

“While the mission of the IRR is to provide a pool of previously trained Soldiers who are ‘individually ready’ for call-up, our culture and past management of the IRR has made it difficult for many to accept that call-ups will become common practice,” said Maj. Nadine Kokolis, a mobilization officer in the Army’s G-1.

“In order to establish realistic readiness reporting, the Army is conducting a systematic screening of the IRR database to reconcile existing records and identify non-mobilization assets, and separate those Soldiers who no longer have further potential for useful military service,” added Kokolis.

The Army will institute an annual screening and training program for all assigned IWs who align with the Army Force Generation model – Reset/Train; Ready; Available. This program will be developed and carried out in order to maintain positive contact, administer refresher training as individual skills degrade and ensure the deployable readiness.

“Annual readiness screening is the heart of this initiative to ensure IRR members are deployable,” said Kokolis. “The Army will execute a pilot screening for approximately 5,000 Soldiers in fiscal year 2007; the goal is to institutionalize the entire screening and training program by fiscal year 2013.”

Recruiters and career counselors will brief all Soldiers entering the service and transitioning between components so they understand service obligations and training requirements in the Army Reserve.

Sara here again. Warriors??? Come on, that was the mascot for my HIGH SCHOOL. They started this Warrior propaghanda a few years ago, starting with the gag-me Warrior Ethos thing, "Never leave a fallen comrade" and blah blah blah. Read Orwell's Homage to Catalonia to understand what a joke war is, even when you're really there. Hell, read the chapter in Colby Buzzell's book about 'Movement to Contact' and understand how pathetic our "Warrior" tactics really are.

I really hate these people. Especially now that they're threatening to drag me back into it. My reaction was a bit more colorful last night, but I've calmed down a bit (thanks, Jesse) and remembered how slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly things move in army land.

This post can also be found at Noaccuser, my regular blog.

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ThePoetryMan said...

"I am a veteran of WW II, I served my country as well as my fellow Veterans. I, along with my wife, need our SS and Medicare to survive. Cutting the budget would put our lives into a great deal of hardship. We are senior aged. At Pearl Harbor I was ready and able to put my life on the line for my country. Sir, I don't believe this administration has the moral right to repay the seniors like myself with cutting our means of survival by cutting the budget."
—George, NC

It is not enough that you served with honor
It is not enough that you died for the cause
It is only enough that you are most willing
To die over and over until death has no loss

`til it finds passage through the vein of self
Torturing you through its very pounding

How dreaded and parched is your termination
How outrageous and bloodied damp are theirs

How might we know the horror of your plight
Without looking deeper than the beggar’s eyes
Without examining infinitely the empty corpse
Without narrowing our glance at rib and tongue

It is not enough that we serve a mighty tower
It is not enough that we die at its engulfing us

How might we know when it has come `round
Come to collect our very bones for the sacrifice

Will it place marks upon our shoulder, forehead

It is not enough that you served with solid honor
How might we know without ownership of you
That you gave up everything of you to save her
How might we know unable then to see the person

It is not enough that you, sir, were willing to die
It is not enough to lay claim to that and that alone
It is only enough that you are one most willing

Death to repeat within you and you evaporate
To die again and again and again...

4/05/2006 01:52:45 PM  
Bryan D. Catherman said...

It's amazing how much the military has to work with marketing. "It's no bed of roses," "Be all you can be," "Army of One," and now "Individual Warriors." It's all about the marketing.

4/06/2006 07:40:30 PM  
ThePoetryMan said...

Hope all is well with you, my friend... Stay safe.

4/07/2006 12:54:31 PM  
Elmo said...

Why don't they just send all the college Republicans to bitch the enemy to death?

4/11/2006 04:02:26 PM  
The Statistics said...

I got this post and the 632c5ro90w8 asked me to pass it on? I figured i would help communication pass freely instead of block. So here it is-

632C5R09OW8 said...

Elmo, Brian Van Reet, Sara You’re missing the point. The problem with Imperialism is that,it cannot function without popular support. Remember Vietnam had no oil
and "French" Algeria just didn't have enough oil.
Populous Imperialism Demands that Iraq to be occupied indirectly, with the white men keeping real control. The prowar "progressive" supports these aims as much as
Niall Fergusons crowd. The main difference is that the Prowar "progressives" it only
supports elections so LOOKS Progressive, the more wogs voting the better it looks.
Christopher Hitchens' Harrys place, Nick Cohen, Hillary Rodham Clinton and George packer
basicly all share John Stuart Mill mindset such as Social Liberalism at home, but B52s for Mussies/niggers Abroad.
Don't Underestimate it because right now in the U.S. there is no mainstream polical group calling for withdraw of all troops from iraq, just lots annoying bush bashing.
IN dublin only 600 took part in this years anti-war domo,there were no young poeple
leading it, just leftwing 50 somethings TDs and Senaters.
In the europe the iraq war Generally viewed is a clash between the anglosaxon world
(bush/Blair) and Francophone world (Chirac/Schroeder)even though it is nothing of the sort plus russia has been spreading
"Freedom/liberty" in Chechnya .
In britian 25% of "lablour movement" supports the iraq war, this faction calls its self the
"prowar left" (Harrys place/Nick Cohen) it does so in the loudest possible way on the internet/media.

The hyperlink above should allow us understand this polical mindset, it is a profile
of John Stuart Mill.
no Offence meant just a tought

6:50 PM

4/16/2006 08:19:35 PM  
TBone said...

Sara said: "They started this Warrior propaghanda (sic) a few years ago, starting with the gag-me Warrior Ethos thing, "Never leave a fallen comrade" and blah blah blah."

Sara, I agree that the Army's concept of a motivational program sucks. Their sales pitch blows, and their basic training indoctrinations is even worse for the majority of the Army. But like the Ranger Creed, the concept of a warrior ethos is sound in principle.

If one were a desk pogue...I suppose the idea that you would have to actually kill someone in the Army would be pretty far fetched; but HELLO it's the fucking army!! The Army kills shit and breaks things, and is suppose to be filled with warriors, not whiney-assed malcontents.

The problem with the Army is too many idiots join thinking they are going to get some college money. Ha, I guess they fooled you.

4/17/2006 01:43:39 AM  
Sara said...

Tbone, I didn't join for college money, but thanks for the personal dig. I joined to jump out of airplanes, shoot guns, learn a foreign language and travel. It's not the concept of killing that's bizarre, it's the propaganda glorifying such activities that's stomach-turning. Soldiering has always been a dirty, disgusting profession. The way they try and dress it up as something honorable and true pisses me off.

Maybe you had some outstanding leadership in your time, Tbone. I had spineless, backstabbing, conniving little shitheads. It's *those* kind of people who come up with this propaganda to try and justify their existence. I don't want a part of it anymore.

"Death or glory... just another story" -- The Clash

4/17/2006 09:50:05 AM  
TBone said...


Yeah, I guess when you are led by weasledicks who try to play soldier, it can be a little disheartening. I wasn't trying to give you too much of a dig; just pointing out that some join for the reasons I suggested. Those folks are typically the ones who are the most disgruntled because they were mislead.

Combat is certainly a dirty and chaotic place to be in; but the profession of being a warrior is honorable and true in my opinion. You did your time, please be proud of what you wanted to accomplish; and don't ever discount your service. Make suggestions to make it better and more honorable. Help those who follow by providing us with both negative and positive feedback.

I suppose it takes a certain amount of mental mindfucking to take a civilian and turn him into a warrior, and that person must be principled and disciplined. He must also be able to operate as apolitically as possible. Honorable service begins in the heart and mind of the individual soldier; no amount of Army propaganda can instill that in someone who doesn't have it and/or want it; and no one in the Army can take that honor away from him unless he allows it to happen.

I depise leaders who play Army and parrot idiotic gimmicky phrases like "be all you can be" and "army of one". I think carrying a "values" card is stupid, if one assumes that carrying a card or wearing a dog tag somehow will infuse the bearer with those "values".

I have had stellar leadership throughout most of my career. I have also had a few dipshits in my chain too, so I can see your point from that perspective.

Sara, rock on with yer bad self.


4/18/2006 03:57:52 AM  

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