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10 March 2006

They aren't on your side, Elio

Watch the video, and then read about the watered down charges of "attempted manslaughter" brought against the pig who ordered a compliant Elio Carrion to "get up", then shot him three times in the chest and cursed him while he lay moaning on the ground. If this isn't attempted murder, what is? Another case of one hand washing the other.

It's almost mid march and I finally received $550 from the government for the GI Bill. Thank you government. Loyalty and sacrifice are rewarded with a shot at the American dream, and all the obligations of government are being fulfilled. Yeah.

Until our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and all the money being spent there is properly utilized to rebuild the infrastructure of our own nation, there can be no political compromise on Iraq. Until the architects and misinformants of the greatest foreign policy blunder since Vietnam are held publicly accountable for their various illegal acts, and make some attempt at atonement, there can be no political solution than impeachment.

To the politicians and other snakes in Washington-- stop playing politics with the lives of our soldiers. Both sides are guilty of it. Get our boys out of Iraq, because the experiment in democracy is over. It has failed, at least in its current incarnation. Maybe the Sunni and Shia will learn to get along. Maybe the country needs to be divided along ethnic lines. Occupation didn't work for Britain, and it's sure as shit not working for us. The only way Saddam managed to stay in control was to kill and intimidate anyone who opposed him, which also happens to be our basic policy. We're just not willing to carry it far enough. So let's stop playing this stupid, "let's save face" game, and start making plans to get everyone out in months, rather than years. If we're not willing to start up the draft and commit more troops in order to really secure the country (John McCain, you know what I'm talking about), let's make a swift exit.

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WhoAskedU said...

Yeesh, $550, does that even cover tuition and books? As for the shooting, welcome to CA. The cop looked like he was tweaking to me.

3/10/2006 10:57:36 PM  
One Veteran said...

The only thing he was high on was self-righteous, murderous, racist rage-- and a lot of adrenaline. Too bad he didn't know he was being videotaped, or he probably could have gotten away with it. They tend to not like cops too much in prison though, so I'm sure he'll get the kind of justice he attempted to give Mr. Carrion. Yeah, 550 dollars is a fucking insult, which doesn't even cover books. They owe me more for the first few months, of course, but the GI bill doesn't cover tuition at state schools for in-state kids, forget wanting to go to an ivy league or some shit without going into tens of thousands dollars of debt. It's nice to get a little money from the government, but I think a lot of people have the misconception that the GI bill covers the costs of higher education, which is simply not the case. So I bitch about it to raise awareness, and to vent a little anger. America is full of a lot of good hearted people who are somehow much stupider and hateful than the sum of the individual parts. It just boggles the mind, sometimes. That cop, damn that video gets me hot. Gotta go take a walk and cool off, it's a beautiful day.

3/11/2006 02:01:41 PM  
WhoAskedU said...

In all fairness, I personally have had negative and postive experiences with the police. I have had numerous experiences where I was treated respectfully. On the other hand, I was called "fat, dumb and happy" by a female cop who responded to my call for help after a domestic violence incident. Made the black eye even more fun, thinking I deserved it because I was dumb, right? In spite of that, I still think the cops have really shitty jobs, and the temptations for abuse are many. The outrageously overpriced real estate prices in So CA drive people of all stripes to do desperate things to survive. Drugs come up through Mexico by the ton and cops don't get paid shit. Everybody lookin' for the mordida. I'm not saying this cop has any excuse for what he did. I'm only saying it's damn hard to stay away from that life with very little money. The hispanic gangs are particularly nasty, and they get nastier when they ship them back and forth between Salvadoran prisons and LA prisons. My friend's son's friend was shot in the face by a gang-banger. He died trying to avoid getting sucked into the gang life. Best to just never need a cop, and not to do things that would get the cops called on me. It's worked better for me that way.
ps, I always worked part-time in food service, so I could eat while I was in school. Cafeterias are the best. Hang in there!!!

3/11/2006 06:09:55 PM  
Sara said...

Shit, $550?? I was pissed at the $753 they finally gave me. I'm supposed to get $1400-something. I'm guessing backpay will be out of the question, eh? Fuckers.

3/12/2006 01:27:41 PM  
2-5 said...

that was in san bernadino county? I hope soldiers from Fort Irwin find that pig shit and paralyze him. death would be to kind. this is my anger talking.
in other news...

-We handed over War Eagle (I'll never call it Hope), to the Iraqi army a couple days ago.

-A market in Sadr city was hit by suicide bombers today.I'm sure the reprisal attacks carried out by the mahdi army are going to be brutal.

3/12/2006 11:13:17 PM  
Joe Visionary said...

$550 for your efforts as a soldier?

I work with a Vietnam veteran who did his duty in around '67. He was then given full tuition to study ANYWHERE so he came to Canada to study agriculture - 4 year study I believe.

I've come to realize that America is a military nation and that the military is by and large the social security mechanism that presumably rewards those who follow through with their tour of duty.

If it's no longer meeting this obligation, are Americans going to continue the onerous financing of it?

These may sound like dumb-ass questions, but America isn't the most straightforward place to understand.

3/13/2006 07:35:31 AM  
Elmo said...

Iraqifation has already begun, they just call it "we'll stand down when the Iraqis stand up." When we do pull out under pressure they will claim that Iraq is ready, but the civil war will wage on.

3/13/2006 10:46:50 AM  
Closet Door Dissident said...

As a GI Bill recepient, I believe I would have gotten better college funding if I were a poor single mother/father high school dropout ex convict. Amazing...veterans recieve less funding than ex convicts, single parents, and high school dropout.

As for the cop shooter...ticks me off. I am not trying to defend his actions when I say that adrenaline does tend to rusn when you are holding a gun and there is a understand, you were in Iraq, right?

3/13/2006 05:15:21 PM  
Sean Sposito said...

Mr. Van Reet
My name is Sean Sposito, I'm currently a reporter for the Columbia Missourian in Columbia, Mo. I'm interested in getting in touch with you for an article that I'm writing. I'd appreciate it if you could email me at or call me at the newsroom. I appreciate any help that you can give me and I hope to talk to you soon.

Thank You
Sean Sposito
Columbia Missourian
573 882 5720 (newsroom)

3/15/2006 01:19:05 PM  
Puma said...

Oh but hey, they have lots of money for weapons in space!
Also, I couldn't believe it when I learned about the lies recruiters tell. This administration doesn't give one shit about ANY veteran, unless there's a photo-op to be had.
Bombs away.

3/15/2006 02:01:23 PM  
goose said...

I am not a veteran but couldn't help reading about school money, G.I. bill, etc. I currently attend the University of California @ Santa Barbara (UCSB) and recently signed up as an 11b recruit. I didn't sign up for the college money but it was definitely an incentive that i hoped to take an advantage of (in fact my recruiter pushed the issue when I didn't even have an interest in it, I just wanted to be a soldier). So, what your saying is that the $1900 a month I am supposed to recieve when I am discharged and accepted to grad school is going to be more like $500, if I even see it? What about loan reimbursement? I was told that all of my debt I have already accumulated would be paid, also; is this bullshit? Ultimately, I planned on being in debt for school, anyways. But it would suck to have to find out that I will still be in debt even after I was told it would be paid for me. On a side note: Don't let this discourage you from going to school. Apply to schools you are interested in and which ever one you choose to attend, fill out a fafsa on-line and you will receive financial aid for tuition, books, etc. If you are in California and get into a UC or Cal State, you will more than likely receive a shit load of grants that will cover half your costs that you won't have to pay back. my total debt for my B.A. in philosophy will only be about $34,000. you only have to pay a maximum of your loan divided by 120 months (10 years) a month on your debt and the interest will never be higher than 4.6% (which is the current cap which will never exceed 8.0%). So, i will be in debt about $283.00 amonth for ten years but if I pay that amount on time for a year straight they will cancel the interest and they will do so every year I pay on-time. yes, they put caps on loan interest. No, they can't charge you ridiculous amounts a month along with ridiculous interest; they actually make it very easy for one to pay off educational debts (unless you break the rules pertaining to loans). you are not required to start paying loans off until six months after you receive your degree which gives you plenty of time to find a job with your degree. And if you don't you can file for a defer up to two times, I believe. For example, I get a deferrement for military service for the length of my contract, when I get discharged (assuming I survive) I apply to grad school and if I get in it goes back to reg student status and when I graduate with my M.A. I will have six months to find a job before I have to start paying off my debt. Basically, It's as easy as you choose to make it. Don't let anything deter you from receiving a degree, just go for it. Because of what I have read tonight I am going to fully prepare to still have to pay off my debt. No, I am not going in as an officer, I just want to be a grunt.

4/15/2006 12:58:00 AM  

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