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19 January 2006

VFW Endorses War

In an unprecedented move, the Veterans for Foreign War has passed Resolution 440, endorsing the President's military action in Iraq.

National VFW Commander James Mueller had this to say,
"This is something new...Resolution 440 will support the commander in chief of the U.S. in his efforts in fighting terrorism over there. We felt we needed to take a stand."

The VFW, a veteran's advocacy organization, is also lobbying the administration to allocate more funds for the overburdened and grossly underfunded VA system.

"2007 is going to be a fight again," said Mueller.

Mr. Mueller, if you want my money and membership, you should stay focused on the purpose of your organization-- keeping our government honest when it comes to veteran's affairs. Keep the VFW apolitical, and support the troops by lobbying on their behalf, not President Bush's.

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Elmo said...

Hear hear! I walked into a VFW once just because I could. I went in, showed my DD214, had a beer and left. It was just too creepy in there.

1/19/2006 07:38:35 PM  
withinreason said...

Hmm,he sounds like a guy really in touch with his membership,supporting AWOL in Alabama.

1/19/2006 07:51:30 PM  
Sara said...

That's really gross. I mean, it makes it seem like protesting the war is protesting veterans. They WANT to be spit on! What fuckers.

1/19/2006 08:46:04 PM  
dannyinwisconsin said...

That is some really weird shit, indeed. I didn't realize they were in that line of work? Maybe hoping to create some potential new members?
Just weird...

1/20/2006 11:15:21 AM  
Gordon said...

As a Life Member of the VFW, I think someone should remind the Commander that his oath was to defend and support the Constitution, not this tin-pot dictator we're stuck with for the time being.

1/20/2006 01:43:09 PM  
The Statistics said...

The sad thing is they are using the Iraq and Afghan Vet's "heroics" to increase their own political position. We have vets in need of serious health care improvements and their main objective is flag protection laws. I will burn flags as long as the Right are burning books. It is one thing to stand by while the war continues to rage, but to promote it and use the modern veteran?

the heretic

1/24/2006 02:25:18 PM  

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