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12 January 2006

Can Anyone Help?

I recieved this email from someone who believed that I was still in Baghdad; do I have any readers who can help out?
First off I am proud of you guys!

Hello Brian,

I am a Christian who recently lost contacts with some Iraqi Christians in Baghdad. They were killed as best as I can tell from the reports that I read.

I know that this is a stretch, but I have a request if you can at all possibly do it. My friends were the Pastors of St. Georges Church in Baghdad, and they were killed on their way from Jordan, back to Baghdad. They were my only contacts and I did not have an opportunity to meet anyone else.

I was hoping that maybe you can get a message to anyone at St. Georges Church and give them my email address. I am concerened about the church and how they are doing without their leaders. I have some photos at my website, and there are two men in the photo who I don't know but if you were able to contact them that would be even better.

My email address is:

You can also stop by my website and read about what happened to the Leaders of St. Georges Church at

God bless,
Robert Jimenez

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Sarah said...

I wonder if this is the same church he is talking about?

1/12/2006 02:10:59 PM  
Sarah said...

Or this one maybe?

(has an email contact on it anyway)

1/12/2006 02:11:24 PM  

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