One Veteran's Voice

27 October 2005


The buzz on the news and around the web is that indictments against key members of Bush's White House could be forthcoming as early as the end of this week. Does anyone else out there remember Bush's promise to restore integrity and morality to the Oval Office after President Clinton's numerous sex scandals offended the religious right's sensibilities? President Clinton certainly lied about his sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, and may have even lied about past real estate dealings, but I cannot recall him ever lying his way into a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives.

Let's look at the facts. It is apparent in official memoranda and the testimony of numerous insiders that the plans for an invasion of Iraq were already underway well before September 11. The horrific attacks on America gave Bush the chance to do what he had planned to do from the beginning-- remove Saddam Hussein from power. The moral backing for a premeditated strike against Iraq was gained by emphasizing the danger of Saddam giving weapons of mass destruction to international terrorists. Saddam was said to have stockpiles of all kinds of chemical agents, as well as covert nuclear and biological weapons programs. The American people and congress gave their consent for war on the grounds of testimony by administration members that this danger from Saddam was very real, and war was needed to prevent future loss of American life.

After the war, the stockpiles of weapons were never found. It appears as though most of them were destroyed shortly after the Gulf War, and there was never any evidence of a post Gulf War nuclear program, nor was there any evidence that Saddam directly supported Al Queda-- at least no more evidence than Saudi Arabia or Iran supports Al Queda. This would all be bad enough, but it gets worse when the Bush administration suppresses those within the government, both before and after the war, who try to speak out and offer the alternative viewpoint, that Iraq was not a real threat, at least no more than North Korea, Syria, or Iran. This view, that the preemptive war was a bad foreign policy decision, was crushed by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush himself, all of whom still cannot admit to the American public that they were plain old wrong about the weapons of mass destruction. The subject of these indictments will be whether members of the Bush Administration acted criminally in the suppression of the opposition to the war within the US intelligence community. This is not a matter of telling a white lie to save face-- it is a matter of a government run amok, flirting with facism.
I don't think it would wrong to say that the fall of the house of Bush may be near at hand. Depending on the information that may come out, the indictments could have a ripple effect that simply negates any moral or actual authority that Bush has, and even if he is not impeached will result in a shift in power within the legislature and the country as a whole.

This is a sad time for this nation, and I take no joy in seeing the downfall of a president, even if I never voted for him. Each event like this further jades the American voter into believing that they have no real power. Another broken promise from another lying politician. Washington must purge itself, or the people will eventually do it themselves.