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13 December 2005

Your daily dose of W

Click here to watch the latest from the President on Iraq (you'll need RealPlayer). This time his majesty actually answers questions.

The comparison to the American revolution is irrelevant and a little ridiculous.

If one wants to make that analogy, the average Iraqi sees American soldiers as the redcoats. It doesn't matter how Bush sees it, or how Suzy soccer mom sees it, or how I see it. A large majority of Iraqis view us as an unwelcome military occupier. Most of the insurgents are Iraqis, and not foreign al-Qaida jihadists.

The biggest logical flaw in Bush's arguments is that we have a choice between surrender and stay the course in Iraq. I am no friend to Islamic radicals. I've killed a few, and I'm pretty sure Bush hasn't. Bush is incompetent. He shirked service in Vietnam, just like Cheney. Bush is a chickenhawk. Bush is about oil. He's about Saudi Arabia and Israel. President Bush is unable to constructively integrate opposing points of view into his policy.

The terrorists didn't choose Iraq as the central front in the war on terror, Bush did. He made a big mistake. The world is a worse place for his decision. America's image is tarnished. The invasion of Iraq radicalized many who could have been reasoned with in the Islamic world. It has provided in Iraq's anarchic streets THE training, recruiting, and media base for al-Qaida. It is, as Murtha has said, "A flawed policy wrapped in illusion." How are we going to make it right?

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Lurch said...

"...The comparison to the American revolution is irrelevant and a little ridiculous..."

Well, no. Or yes, in a sense, except that Mr Bush got it bassackwards, which is about par for him.

See, in the reality-based world, the Iraqis are the "American colonists" yearning to be free, and we're the Hessian occupiers who fought to keep them as colonists subject to the rule of another country.

Interestingly enough that other country was led by a madman named King George.

12/14/2005 01:10:22 AM  

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