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01 December 2005

Your daily dose of W....

Watch the complete speech by the president at the Naval Academny here(look under 'Recent Programs'). I'm glad that CNN and other MSM outlets are finally starting to call President Bush out over his non-stop political grandstanding in front of military audiences. But it's pretty hard for the President to get a crowd of a few thousand people together that won't boo him nowadays, so I totally understand. Plus, he likes the salutes, respect, and honor that he has never earned. It makes him feel good, like he is doing the right thing. The sad thing is that some of the kids in the audience watching him are going to give up everything for him. Is it worth it?

Read what the President didn't say about Cpl. Star in his speech.

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Elmo said...

And here I thought I couldn't get anymore pissed off.

I wanted to believe that part of the speech was sincere...I watched it three times.

12/01/2005 08:58:44 PM  
Enemy of the Republic said...

I just found the link to your blog, and I am glad I did. I'm linking you to my site so that I can continue to visit. And I totally agree with everything you write!

12/01/2005 09:50:45 PM  
Enemy of the Republic said...

For some reason, I can't pull up the link--I keep getting directed to the wrong page. The message said to inform you of this and so I am. Still love your blog.

12/02/2005 07:43:49 AM  
OneVeteran'sVoice said...

thanks, might be fixed now.

the full speech is on

12/02/2005 07:54:12 AM  

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