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29 December 2005

Karl Rove is most likely a sociopath (think positive in 2006)

Interesting article at the Washington Post detailing Bush's recent strategy aimed at convincing the American public that he is not hopelessly incompetent.

I would say that this strategy is working ok.

I mean, this guy has blatantly flaunted the constitution, admitted to the American public that he did it, and then said, "Hey, trust me, we're just doing it to the terrorists before we extradite them for torture in Syria, one of the nations who we also claim supports terrorism and trains foreign jihadists to fight in Iraq. Oh yeah, Iraq. Well, hey, that's going all right. Look at the purple fingers. Cute little Iraqis. Aww, look at them killing each other in sectarian violence. It's a fledgling democracy, Laura. What's that? Iran is going to try and create a theocratic super-state in the mid-East? Get the nukes ready..."

America's response: Pass the turkey, change the channel, and worry about something inane, like bird flu.

See, we don't have a draft, even though we probably need one, and that means that most Americans don't have any personal stake in the Iraq war. If you're under 25 or so, you might want to pay special attention to how this country is being run. If we find ourselves in a war with Iran, North Korea, or one of the other members of the 'axis of evil' that is actually more of a threat to this country than Iraq, you might find yourself in a foreign land getting shot at by people who hate you because they think Americans are all like our president. Yeah, there are some bad people out there, kids, and war is real, and not just great reality television. You might want to pay attention and vote next time.

I hadn't been sure of it, but I am now convinced that Karl Rove is a force of almost pure evil. There may be some humanity and benevolence left in his twisted, campaign oriented mind, but I have not seen it yet.
Although Rove raised concerns about giving critics too much ground, the younger-generation aides prevailed. Bush agreed to try the approach so long as he did not come off sounding too negative. Peter D. Feaver, a Duke University specialist on wartime public opinion who now works at the White House, helped draft a 35-page public plan for victory in Iraq, a paper principally designed to prove that Bush had one.

Bush went into campaign mode, accusing Democrats of hypocrisy for voting to authorize the war and then turning against it. When Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) proposed pulling troops out of Iraq, the White House issued an unusually harsh and personal response comparing him to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. The original draft, officials said, had been even tougher.

So the president has one of his smarter monkeys crank out a piece of apologistic fluff proving that his imperial majesty is, in fact, wearing his clothes. And now everything is supposed to be ok. His majesty is wearing his clothes. And if we intercept any communique that should indicate otherwise, well, we don't torture, but we do interrogate with extreme prejudice.

They voted. Hooray for the cute Iraqis. Let's hope they can learn to live in peace and democracy in this coming year (and sell us a lot of oil on the cheap).

Think positive in 2006-- it's the year that the American people are going to reclaim our legislature from the corrupt sell-outs in both parties who have been ruining this country. I'm talking about everyone connected with a slimeball like Jack Abramoff in any way. I'm talking about all the democrats who voted for war in Iraq even when they knew or had suspicions that all was not as it should be, out of fear of speaking out. Most of all, I'm talking about the great leader. Investigations into the President's abuse of executive power must take place. The truth will come out eventually, it always does. Bush is going to fight to the end, and the final battle will likely come in the Supreme Court, over the constitutional legality of the wiretaps. Shit, wasn't the supreme court the bunch of out of touch old codgers who got us in this mess in the first place by choosing the president? Shit shit shit

Getting my passport ready for 2006.

Just kidding.


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Elmo said...

...a Duke University specialist on wartime public opinion who now works at the White House, helped draft a 35-page public plan for victory in Iraq...

Isn't that nice, their plan for victory in Iraq is nothing more than a fucking MARKETING GIMMICK!

12/29/2005 09:42:46 AM  
El Comandante said...

yeah that's the best part of the Bush team, they reject scientific and military experts but bring Karen Hughes on board to redifine America for the world.

12/29/2005 10:30:31 AM  
Anonymous said...

specialist on wartime public opinion


propaganda expert

12/29/2005 02:34:12 PM  
OneVeteran'sVoice said...

yeah, when one has to pay someone to write a plan to prove that one has a plan..well, you see where I'm going

12/29/2005 03:58:10 PM  
Sara said...

I think I'm going to make it a habit of spending the summer overseas for as long as I can squeeze money out of the government for school. When and if Karl Rove gets thrown in the slammer I am definitely throwing a party. Of course, I had planned on a big party when Bush lost the election in a landslide in 2004 and we see how that turned out. Besides, I was in the field that week. I can only hope, politically, that 2006 is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better than 2005. Shit, or every year since 2000.

12/29/2005 09:09:18 PM  
withinreason said...

Amen brother,and when the vote did develop they voted against everyone who we supported and was in our camp,and I might add they voted in huge numbers.

12/30/2005 05:44:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

I stopped thinking about frog marches. We should be having hearings and at least censures and firings five days a week for the next 6 months, but its kinda futile considering the current Culture of Corruption in DC is very very good at covering each others a*s...............and speaking of news of the strange--'Mrs. Anthrax' Released -- No Charges
Why is it not bigger news that those infamous Iraqi female scientists once routinely referred to in the media as "Dr. Germ" and "Mrs. Anthrax" have been quietly released from imprisonment in Iraq without any charges being brought by their U.S. captors? Don't the newspapers and TV networks that all but pre-convicted them of crimes against humanity owe them -- and us -- the courtesy of an explanation for the sudden presumption of their innocence?

After all, it was to stop these mad leaders of Saddam Hussein's allegedly booming weapons-of-mass-destruction programs that the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003. We were told at the time by the White House that the U.N. inspectors scouring the country were being blocked by lying officials and scientists, themselves complicit in breaking U.N. sanctions, and so we wouldn't get the truth until we could interrogate them as prisoners.

Yet, when Rihab "Dr. Germ" Taha and Huda "Mrs. Anthrax" Ammash, both of whom were once on a Pentagon most-wanted list, were released after two-and-a-half years, their U.S. captors didn't even announce it.

12/31/2005 04:25:09 AM  
JamesRaven said...

The Psychotic Patriot is humbly stunned to be in your sidebar, and let me first thank you for your service, your patriotism, and your honesty. Great Rove graphic and writing about Bush's 2006.

My intuition leans a bit more toward the explosive, as in Abramoff's car this weekend, or the White House in the next few months. Why? Abramoff is easy, but the lies that got us into Iraq won't work on Iran, so an "attack" here will be required. Take one American symbol, move the press across the street (happening soon), then BOOM. Total message management, no cameras, the perfect (non)investigation, and an instant reason to bomb Iran.

I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid.

(You're reciprocally blogrolled, and will be visited regularly, and respected always.)

12/31/2005 02:04:54 PM  
L.J. Abershawe said...

*looks over his shoulder* I'm being watched these days. I, and I by no means represent the US Army or anyone else who is in it, would like to say I am in 100% agreement with you my friend. Thanks for the support and the attachment to your links bar brother! I too will join you by 2007!

1/01/2006 05:08:09 AM  
GoodGrief said...

Late comer from JGeneral's website. Keep p the good work. Will be back.

1/03/2006 12:36:10 AM  

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