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08 December 2005

Insane fiscal policy

The great GOP congress, working hard to cut spending, just to give it all back and then some in tax breaks to business.

For the record, I'm not opposed to allowing deployed troops to cash in. Tax cuts, increased combat pay, whatever. Combat pay is pretty low. Some soldiers with families can qualify for food stamps. Shameful. Meanwhile the defense contractors and their civilian employees make bank off the Iraq war. It was pretty insulting to me, an American soldier in Iraq, that the government (through KBR) payed some guy $70-90k to be the foremen of a construction crew of cheap Phillipino labor (how's that for imperialism) in Iraq, but they paid me, an NCO trained to lead troops into battle, about a third as much. Our soldiers shouldn't be mercenaries, but good god, why isn't anyone talking about the ridiculous profits these defense contractors are racking up? And are the profits going into R&D, to make our weapons and defenses more effective? Nope. They're funding the excessive lifestyles of people who get rich off of human suffering. How did Cheney, Bush, and co. make all their money again? Oh yeah...

All this hurricane tax relief is a load of bullshit. Already insured businesses are going to get more tax breaks, while the displaced masses wait for someone to care again. It's trickle down economics, and it doesn't work folks. Why?

Cause the rich are greedy. Nothing trickles down.

When you give poor people money, they generally send it right back into the pockets of the rich. When you give the rich money, it stays in their pockets. Screw these guys. Giving out tax cuts to the wealthy, defense contracts to their old golfing buddies, pay raises for themselves, bribing, stealing, extorting. Just another day in the land of the fat, home of the cowardly. Neurotic fucking soccer moms cruising around in their SUV's while some poor bastard gets his head popped like a melon for the oil to run them. Yeah, we're doing just fine America.

Enjoy the fucking tax cuts.

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dannyinwisconsin said...

Fuckin a.
Keep talking, Soldier.
You're doing just fine.

12/08/2005 02:19:30 PM  

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