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18 December 2005

I'm telling them what I think so they don't have to bother spying on me

"Since October, news accounts have disclosed a burgeoning Pentagon campaign for "detecting, identifying and engaging" internal enemies that included a database with information on peace protesters."

How is the illegal surveillance of peace protesters in any way related to keeping Americans safe from terrorism?

President Bush wants to know what I'm thinking, reading, who I'm calling and when-- not because I'm a terrorist, but because I oppose his policies, most importantly the war in Iraq. Peace protesters are dangerous. People might not support the war if they can get the truth without government interference. How are these internal enemies "engaged"? When I used to engage an enemy, it involved blowing them away with high explosives or shredding them with metal bullets. How are peace protestors being engaged? Why?

If you trust the crap that is spewed out of Bush's mouth at this point, whether it's about Iraq, his domestic spying, his knowledge of pre-war intelligence, whatever-- you are a moron. This guy is like Nixon but with a bigger chip on his shoulder. What happened to the America I went to fight for?

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Sara said...

I don't know, man, I don't know. What really amazes me is that he went on TV and said what he was doing. He came right out and said that he was breaking the law and that he didn't care. Why isn't there an impeachment going on? Does the constitution even matter anymore?

Sigh... dangerous times we live in.

12/18/2005 04:40:10 PM  
withinreason said...

Good job,I like this blog and am glad you for one are speaking out I am also a veteran and opposed to this war in Iraq. I mean they are using this to spy on us all,we're not doing anything wrong except our right to free speech. And mark my words this one's coming next,I mean everyone in America should be outraged against this Patriot Act and do'nt get me wrong it could work with some refining. But the President or anyone else is above the constitution,he basically broke the law.

12/18/2005 10:22:59 PM  
El Comandante said...

Since I know as a veteran you want us to lose this war so bad, you should check this out:

12/19/2005 10:48:09 AM  

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