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10 December 2005

Fuck Iraq

This is the blast wall surrounding the UN compound in Baghdad. One company from our battalion was detailed on a rotating basis with guarding the UN compound. A worthy mission, you might say.

Except for the fact that the compound was empty. After Zarquawi's car-bombing, the UN left Iraq. The US Army and the Iraqi National Guard were left guarding a large, empty, bombed out complex. Seemed like a waste of manpower at the time to me, and it still does. One soldier expressed his frustration with a can of spray paint more succinctly than I have here .

When the mission has become totally fubar, the captain of the boat has turned out to be totally incompetent at his best, and malicious and vindictive at his worst, it's ok to end it. Give Iraq back to the Iraqi's. They can run it ok. And if they don't, we have missiles. I'm sure the American people won't mind killing people of other nationalities as long as our troops are safe.


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El Comandante said...

hey thanks for your service. Just wanted to say I read and appreciated "Generation Kill." I saw you're linked to it. It was pretty clear to me in the book just how big of a transition the Marines were making from (just or unjust) purpose-driven missions to doing circles in the sand after the completion of the invasion. If this is an accurate account, it really is a shame the administration has not yet been tried for war crimes as Harold Pinter suggested in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

But anyways, it was a refreshing read after dealing with cable news snippets and thick media filters for two years.

your brother in -hatin

12/10/2005 10:44:21 PM  

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