One Veteran's Voice

10 November 2005


As we continue to bounce between disaster and scandal in our collective national game of hot potato, let us reflect to remember the ideal that this country was founded on--Rich white guys not having to pay their taxes.

Seriously though, someone needs to tell the President that the strategy of total denial is not working anymore. He made a promise to the nation that he would fire anyone involved in leaking the name of Valerie Plame, and now it's time to put up or shut up. The deeper in the shit he gets, the closer he draws the inner circle to him. Only Rove can fire Rove. Maybe Cheney could fire Rove, I'm not sure. Eventually critical mass will be reached and the cabal is going to explode like a supernova. Fair warning, Georgie boy.

Bird flu. I guess I am supposed to be terrified, but it's kind of hard when the media cries "Wolf!" over the smallest threat. Killer Bees. Flesh-Eating Bacteria. Monkey Pox. Need I go on? A real pandemic is a grave threat to our society and security, but frankly, the media can't do much about it except jade/and/or panic people. Short of running to the hills Survivor style and shooting anyone who gets near your camp, the average citizen cannot prepare for bird flu. The government, however, can. Get a PLAN in place for an epidemic to minimize death and chaos. In the end, though, nature always wins out. The government just has to be timely and effective in the aftermath. Government timely and effective? Crap, running to the hills is sounding less insane.

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