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03 November 2005


Scooter Libby-- Indicted for lying about his role in outing a CIA agent in retribution for her husband's criticism of his bosses' lies. Of course Scooter is innocent until proven guilty in our justice system, the one branch of our constitutional republic that still seems to have some respectability and sanity left in it.

And now George Bush, faced with the worst presidential approval numbers since Nixon, is tasked with appointing yet another justice to the most powerful body in the judicial branch. I'm not a huge believer in the infallibility of the poll, but when two thirds of the country thinks the president is doing a bad job, it might be time for him to resign. Oh crap, his resignation means Dick Cheney would assume office. Never mind.

Wow, looks like the executive branch is in trouble. The smart Republican legislators are already beginning to distance themselves from Bush like rats jumping off a sinking ship. It's a huge game of musical chairs, and none of them want to be the last man standing when the music stops and the great untroubled electorate finally begins to wake up and realize that they are being fleeced and lied to. Maybe I'm being too harsh on the President, maybe he's a good guy. The truth is that it doesn't matter whether he is evil, good, or just stupidly incompetent. His decisions are costing many, many lives. And the sacrifice of the troops is not buying what he says it is. It is being wasted, and that's the sad fact. The gallantry and capability of the military are beyond question. I know, because I served. There are bad apples, and when led badly, these kind of soldiers create Abu Ghraib. But there are other, braver soldiers who informed the world about what was going on, and the truth came out. The truth always comes out.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't want Bush nominating any more Supreme Court Justices. Maybe I'm the insane one, but I want the troops to start coming home now as part of a well articulated and planned withdrawal from the middle east. Notice I said Middle East, and not just Iraq. Not in the next year, not in the next 5 years, but as a 10-20 year phased withdrawal of military forces from the region as we reduce our national dependency on oil. There are sane voices in the Middle East, both Jewish and Arab, and they will be heard by the people once the insane stop screaming so damn loud.

The first stage of the withdrawal is the total withdrawal from Iraq, which would take perhaps two years to accomplish. Once the average Iraqi realizes that we are actually going to pull out of his country in the near future, the legitimacy of their own government (so far only a theoretical legitimacy) will be cemented and the insurgency will be diffused.

The insurgent's argument (agreed with by many in the middle east) is that the elected government of Iraq is a puppet government of the United States, which has no intention of ever leaving Iraq. The government of Iraq is democratically elected, and the people of Iraq will support it. The insurgents are not powerful enough militarily to completely defeat the Iraqi defense forces, but they may continue to perpetuate terroristic acts after our departure against the Iraqi government as well as prominent Shiites in an attempt to incite civil war. But when we are gone, the hardcore insurgent's ideological argument is nullified and they will be seen as the violent extremists they are. Iraqis will not tolerate a large foreign jihadi presence for long, and they will be defeated by Iraqi defense forces and militia. The nationalistic Sunni insurgent will cease fighting after the occupation ends. They may continue to oppose the Shiite majority, but widespread violence and civil war seems very unlikely to me.

It is much easier for a man like Zarquawi to exist in a war torn Iraq than a peaceful one. It is easier to hide, travel, recruit, and fight. We must stop being a target, and then we can really start to fight terror by going after the most hardcore and capable leaders like Zarquawi and Osama.

How many more hundreds or thousands of brave young Americans are going to die before we come up with a plan to end the occupation of Iraq? Right now there is no plan. Stay the course. Ask no questions.

Maybe I'm the crazy one.

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Oxford said...

That was great post. Reminds me of something that I read on Informed Comment a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work.

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