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25 November 2005


Lobbyists are nothing more than go-betweens for the bribers and the bribed. In return, they get a cut of the dirty money. Lobbyists buy influence with fancy dinners, vacations, and gifts. They are paid to advocate a certain point of view. If the point of view being advocated was held by the majority of the electorate, there would be no need to pay for it to be heard. Lobbyists are killing democracy. The people's voice is muted by money. Money buys the next campaign commercial and the next election.

Email your representative and demand real finance reform in Washington.

Vote out the corrupt-- in the end, your vote is still more powerful than their money!

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sevie said...


How does reason gain some traction in our angst over Iraq? There's plenty of name calling to go around. But I sense there's a great deal more venom on the far right side, not that the far left would be any more considerate of a differing view.

But what are even reasonable arguements when opinion is fact:

And fact is slandered?

11/26/2005 01:57:51 PM  

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