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22 November 2005

At least they can agree on something

If you haven't already checked out this story, please do so.

It seems as though the Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish factions were able to quit their bickering long enough to agree on at least one thing-- the US needs to go. The following quote is from the referenced AP story (cause I know you're too lazy to check it out).

"In Egypt, the final communique's attempt to define terrorism omitted any reference to attacks against U.S. or Iraqi forces. Delegates from across the political and religious spectrum said the omission was intentional. They spoke anonymously, saying they feared retribution.

'Though resistance is a legitimate right for all people, terrorism does not represent resistance. Therefore, we condemn terrorism and acts of violence, killing and kidnapping targeting Iraqi citizens and humanitarian, civil, government institutions, national resources and houses of worships,' the document said."

The Iraqi government is implying that those who target US troops (and even its own security forces) represent legitimate resistance, as long as they don't target civilians or civil institutions. The not so subtle message is, "Fuck you America. We don't want you here, but we'll continue to use your children's blood to do the job that our people don't have the heart for."

I say we give them what they want-- sooner, rather than later. What do you think?

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Footprint said...

i like that sign. just wanted to say thank you for all you did. i don't agree with the war but thank you.

11/22/2005 01:50:58 PM  
Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

Agreed! I am bookmarking this blog for more reading...

Thanks :)

11/22/2005 05:22:48 PM  
Eric said...

Why do I think Fox News won't be highlighting this anytime soon?

You've been bookmarked, keep up the good work.

11/22/2005 08:02:43 PM  
atomicvelvetsigh said...

ok.. your shot of the sunset won meover for voting for you at BOTB... then after i clicked onto your blog.. lol.. interesting posts you got here.funny pics too.. lol at the ones of Bush..

keep up the good work! and do hope you visit my blog sometime.. 8)

11/26/2005 04:43:54 AM  

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